If you want to get a better sense of the situation at Druid Heights you need to read the article “America’s Only LGBTQ Historic District Is Falling Apart” linked to below all the way through to the end. Unfortunately the owner of Druid Heights, the US National Park Service, did not respond to many of the questions of writer Leo D. Rocha.

While the story focuses on the LGBTQ legacy aspect of Druid Heights it includes much more, and it is the best coverage to date on the background of the tragic neglect of a unique historic place. Use the link blow to view the story:


Rocha interviewed many others who did answer his questions, including the author of this post. One quote stands out:

The apparent federal obfuscation, foot-dragging and practice if not policy of demolition by neglect with regard to Druid Heights is a scandal.” Gerard Koskovich, LGBTQ historian”

Photo courtesy of Todd Sipes

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