Not your typical old airstream trailer

Along side one of the smaller structures at Druid Heights is an aging airstream trailer. Nothing about its exterior stands out, and when I took this photo of it in 2016 I saw no reason to look closer.

Not looking closer was a big mistake. The photo below taken by Todd Sipes ( shows why. The remodel of the trailer was certainly, given the style, designed by Druid Heights resident Roger Somers and represents a major creative flight. This Airstream trailer’s traveling days may have been through once it arrived at Druid Heights but it could move the imagination of those who resided within.

I have subsequently learned that this trailer has been included as a significant structure in the submission of Druid Heights for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places as put forward by the National Park Service. The trailer became part of the submission following the submissions review by the California State Historic Preservation who is charged with reviewing all all such submissions for California places, even in cases where the owner is a branch of the Federal Government.

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