While we do not have it’s exact dimensions the Twin Peaks house at Druid Heights is not a large house, and in fact it is really quite small by the standards of your typical American home, which for homes constructed in the US last year was a whopping 2600 square feet. I doubt the Twin Peaks is much more than a third of that. But for such a small house the bathroom, or given its amenities in its final form, Spa, is quite large.
The photo of Margo St. James in this room shows it before the tiled shower was later added where the doors behind Margo are.That photo was sent to us by Save Druid Heights member and 1970s Druid Heights resident David Wills. This is the only photo we have of the “spa” from “back in the day”. The others were taken in 2016.
The bath tub behind the trap door in the floor is visible in the foreground of the full room length photo. Margo St. James position in the room length photo would be immediately in front of the shower at the far end of he room. When the photo with her was taken there was no skylight and possibly no door to the exterior to the right of her.

St. James Margo in dressing room maybe Twin pPeaks but maybe Mandala David Wills photo





    • Hi M., Looks like an interesting project to save some valuable history of alternative living and creativity in the Arts of the 1960s … The old address we have for Ed Stiles is on Cameno del Rio (sp.) with no number we can remember ::: Last year we tried driving down his road but didn’t make it all the way – big holes !! I’ll call him and see if he answers which he hasn’t done for the past 2 – 3 years. Keep in touch… Tim Forester Eugene, Oregon


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