I doubt it is looking this lush and green out there now given the terrible drought, now in its second year. I took this photo of poet and artist Gerd Stern and his partner Judith on one of the two visits I have paid to Druid Heights since the Save Druid Heights group was founded in summer 2017,

Both those visits were made after first notifying the National Park Service. Newer followers of this site may not know that Gerd, with the help of Druid Heights’ Roger Somers and using Rogers workshop at Druid Heights built his first multimedia sculpture there over a period of 6 weeks in 1963. Our visit was the first time he had been there since that era.

For more info on Gerd Stern search his name. On the Save Druid Heights Youtube channel you can also check out some video footage of him shot on the same day at DH as well as a couple of others filmed elsewhere that day where he discusses his work, Roger Somers and Druid Heights.

Here is a link to one of those videos as a starter: https://youtu.be/vTKE21v1ZDk


  1. It was lovely in January when I walked the Dipsea and could look down from above.


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